"Nature is what we know
Yet have not art to say
So impotent our vision is
to her simplicity."
- Emily Dickinson

Friday, January 14, 2011


Last Autunm, I started a project dubbed, ArtSparks and I wrote about it herein. To my delight, my rock-star artist friend, Tiffani Taylor, sparked me back! I received two swatches of cotton sateen fabric with Tiffani's bird art and a bonus of two of her French postcards. My challenge now is to get creative about how to use the fabric -- in a quilt, a linen drawer sachet, laminated in glass, in a collage? We'll see.

I am most pleased that Tiffani was inspired to do some sparkin' with her artwork. Since I launched my project, I have been rewarded time and time again by the people I have given my artwork to. I believe that my little etchings have reached the right individuals whether the gift has come from my hand of by being regifted. While I would love to tell some of the stories about the path of the gifts, the stories are really personal and I want to keep them close to my heart. I know Tiffani will encounter old friends and make new ones with her project and that she will be rewarded time after time with her efforts as I have been. Perhaps there are other artists who would like to join us?

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